Breh’s Secret

‘A Darkness to the North’ is a Campaign designed for 1st level characters using the 4th edition rules of Dungeons and Dragons. The ultimate goal is to find and quell the uprising of evil that is gathering in the North in preperation for war. Whether you have successfully gathered together enough allies to compete with the northern armies on the battlefield or instead skillfully disbanded their efforts from the inside are decisions that you will make along the way.

The entire campaign is set on the continent of Calamadaria which has been forever split in two. 5 Realms, each one vastly different from the last make up the continent. They include Sorusia, Laraphen, Guthgar, Kalgas and Erkoia.

Near to the borders of the Northern territory, stands a small town named Breh, and it is here that our story starts.

A Darkness to the North